Staying Healthy As An Entrepreneur With Colon Cleansing

So you guys know that me being Luton, I love to eat a lot of food and really indulge myself in all sorts of things.

But at the end of the day as entrepreneur you know that our lives are very stressful as well as busy 24/7.

Recently I’ve been having constipation problems and colon health concerns due to my bad eating habits and terrible diet.

I’ve had to cut back on my eating habits a lot and I’ve learned that  if you don’t keep the health of you body on point, then you will ultimately lose in business.

My Stomach Problem Origins

I’ve been a generally healthy guy but recently I’ve declined in my health as I’ve  focused more on my business.

Before I learned the best way to cleanse your colon I had  a really bad diet.

My stomach had started to get upset and always be churning in my belly that it just made working so uncomfortable.

I had to do something.

I talked to my doctor and he recommended a colon cleanse and I had no idea what that was.

I searched online and found out that its a weird process where you literally clear out you colon of its contents so that you can feel better and relieve constipation.

I had to try it because my business was suffering and I needed a quick fix for my health.

My Colon Cleanse Results

So I tried it.

I bought a bottle of Bowtrol colon cleanser and  I eventually started the process of a week long cleanse.

It was a really awkward thing since I always had to get up to purge and  detoxify my colon by going to the bathroom (poop…)

But after a few weeks I noticed something really peculiar.

I was getting better.

The more I took the pills, the more my stomach and colon problems disappeared.

It had to have been the cleanse since I felt terrible before.

Here are some good colon cleanse pills

Back To Work!

I can finally continue my eBay dropshipping business without worrying about my stomach getting upset and me having to frequently go to the bathroom.

Really a relief.

See you next time people!

Why People Fail At Being Good At Ecommerce

Out of over 7 billion people 400 million have tried or are entrepreneurs. That is a wild number.

Do all succeed? No. Many fail and it is a tragic thing because anyone has the capability to be a success at any type of business, especially eCommerce, if the work hard enough.

Your success all comes down to the tools you use and expose yourself to everyday, all day.

Here are the best ebay dropshipping and other tools to help you become the best at ecomemrce.

1. Symphony Commerce

The first ecommerce program I wish to speak about is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) kind of solution.

Needless to say, I’m being truly a little biased by placing this first, because I believe SaaS can be considered a wonderful solution for businesses of any size — not merely big businesses that are able the over head cost of farming tasks out.

Symphony Business, however, is a lttle bit greater than a typical SaaS program, in simple fact they market themselves as a commerce-as-a-service company.

Not absolutely all brands are outfitted to move their physical experience into an electronic one, which will make hiring it (IT) professionals to perform your web store somewhat of a throbbing headache — so in retrospect Symphony Commerce is definitely an property to the right type of company.

By off-loading the backend and structures responsibilities that are critical to retaining an web store, you can give attention to the core areas of why is your business tick.

Symphony Business isn’t for everybody, though. As the pay-as-you-go pricing helps it be an excellent option for a tiny but fast-growing company, this is a system for businesses that are jogging at full acceleration already.

If you are still in the do-it-yourself phase to getting your business together, it might be easier to build a tiny but functional web store with a niche site builder such as Squarespace.

2. Squarespace

Talk about the devil! Squarespace makes this list, because its fully loaded ecommerce platform is affordable and can actually help you sell as a tiny business.

Whichever Squarespace template you decide on — which is another strength of the platform, as possible choose beautiful layouts and never have to know a stitch of code.

You will be permitted to upload an unlimited amount of items to your web store and also have full control of your inventory management, and therefore you can offer different variants of the same product type as well as control your inventory stock.

This is unquestionably an ecommerce system for the sort of business that you can run from your living room, even though your site can look great, Squarespace won’t give you a whole lot of features browsing engine search engine optimization (SEO) or customer marriage management (CRM).

Still, from the great platform for just about any kind of business from small suppliers to professionals attempting to sell their services.

3. Magento

Magento can be an extremely stretchy ecommerce system for the reason that it can fit the needs of small or large businesses, making it essentially the most scalable program upon this list.

The platform owes its popularity to the actual fact that it is open source, which means that adding features is simple extremely.

Here is a video explaining another crucial e-commerce platform: eBay



(note that ebay DROPSHIPPING is only supplementary income, not primary)

For example, if you want to increase conversions on your site, you can include Nosto, a free of charge extension that tracks unique visitor behavior and will be offering them suggested items predicated on their online actions.

While Magento can be considered a great option for growing companies, it is just a platform that’s older (i.e., complicated to make use of) than the common platform designed for first-time ecommerce merchants.

While that shouldn’t deter smaller companies as it pertains to integrating Magento to their workflows, I really do claim that you make sure you’re comfortable in your capability to learn the intricacies of using such a complex platform before execution.

Finding the Best Items To Source From Retailers To Your Store

Finding quality items to source to eBay is a crucial part of the process for any eBay seller.

Especially if you dropship! You don’t get to see the item so picking the right on is key so that quality control is assured even though you never see the item.

Digital trade or e-commerce is a time period for any sort of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the switch of records throughout the internet. It covers a variety of different forms of agencies, from customer based retail web sites, via public sale or music sites, to business exchanges buying and selling items and offerings between companies.

It is presently one of the most important factors for you to master as an eBay seller in e-commerce businesses!

Ecommerce allows clients to electronically alternate goods and services with out a barriers of time or distance. digital trade has improved rapidly over the past five years and is predicted to retain at this fee, or maybe boost up.

Within the close to destiny the bounds between “conventional” and “digital” trade becomes more and more blurred as an increasing number of corporations circulate sections in their operations onto the internet.

Commercial enterprise to business or B2B refers to electronic commerce among groups in place of between a business and a patron. B2B organizations often deal with loads or even lots of other groups, both as customers or providers.

Sporting out those transactions electronically offers great competitive advantages over conventional methods. when carried out well, ecommerce is frequently quicker, cheaper and greater convenient than the traditional methods of bartering goods and offerings.

Here Is A Helpful Video On Getting Your Start In E-Comemrce

Electronic transactions have been around for quite a while inside the shape of digital records Interchange or EDI. EDI calls for each dealer and consumer to installation a devoted facts link (among them), wherein ecommerce presents a fee-powerful technique for businesses to installation a couple of, advert-hoc hyperlinks.

Digital commerce has also brought about the improvement of digital marketplaces where providers and capability customers are added collectively to conduct jointly useful trade. So if you wonder what to sell on eBay to make money the solution is out there…you just have to find it.

The road to creating a a success on-line shop can be a difficult if unaware of ecommerce ideas and what ecommerce is supposed to do in your on line commercial enterprise. studying and know-how the recommendations required to properly put into effect an e-business plan is a critical element to turning into a success with on line shop constructing.

What do you need to have an online shop and what precisely is a purchasing cart?

Buying cart software is an operating system used to permit customers to buy items and or offerings, track clients, and tie together all factors of ecommerce into one cohesive whole.

While there are many sorts of software that you may use, customizable, turnkey answers are proven to be a cost effective approach to construct, edit and keep an online store. How do online buying carts range from the ones located in a grocery shop?

The photograph is certainly one of an invisible buying cart. You enter an online keep, see a product that fulfills your demand and you location it into your digital purchasing basket. while you are via browsing, you click checkout and complete the transaction through presenting fee records.

To begin an internet enterprise it’s far satisfactory to discover a area of interest product that consumers have issue finding in department stores or branch shops. additionally take transport into consideration. found out the hard manner: dog food is highly-priced to ship FedEx!

Then you want an ecommerce enabled website. this will both be a new website evolved from scratch, or an present website to which you could add ecommerce shopping cart abilities.

Hope these tips helped, good luck to all! Luton out!

Overcoming The Mental Challenges of Dropshipping on eBay

So, eBay dropshipping can be really stressful on the mind.

Lately while running my store I got stressed out and calmed myself down and decided to make this post.

The customers, the sales, stress, taxes, outside influences: all are sources of stress and it is key that you overcome them to be successful on eBay

Anyway, I thought I’d share some things that keep me inspired and that keep me going despite these mental barriers.

Get Inspiration

Sometimes you just need a little boost of inspiration to get you going.

I watch videos like this to get me going:

or this video

This guy is 18!

Isn’t that crazy? I am much much older and to see that youthful vigor working is just amazing.

Always seek to find the people who are working hard and not feeling sluggish even after months of grinding at it.

Learn From People Who Have Dropshipped On eBay Successfully

This is a biggie since you really don’t want to learn from someone who “conceptualizes” about dropshipping.

If you really want to learn how to make money selling on eBay then you should definitely look for people who have done it

Watching and listening to people who speak and haven’t taken action on what they speak about is poisonous

You want people who have done e-commerce before and know what they are talking about

Keep A Positive Mind and Listing Items on eBay

Finally, my biggest thing I find more and more important is staying positive

This is an important thing since we live in a very negative world where it is crucial that you believe in yourself

Don’t look at where you are at right now, look at where you want to be

Keep putting up listings and fleshing out your store because at the end of the day it is these actions that will get your results.

Not thinking.

Here Are Some Ideas For What To Sell/Dropship On eBay

It is always tought for people to pick items to dropship on eBay. They worry too much about the item itself and not the fast of whether it will sell or not. Don’t make this msitake and try to keep your mind open to item ideas.

For innovative people like me, this venture is extraordinary smooth & even fun! I should write hundreds of product thoughts down on paper in much less than an hour. It’s enough for me to test a car across the street to put in writing down 10+ product thoughts in much less than 2 mins.

Here Is My List:

-Alloy wheels
-dog safety automobile leashes
-sun protectors
-Chair covers
-vehicle washing materials
-Emergency kits
-First aid kits
-automobile covers
-Parking sensors
-car phone/iPad stands and covers
-vehicle DVD players
-diverse electronic car chargers

-replacement blades
-alternative jars
-Recipe books
-Freezer cups
-carry bag/case
and so on!
Or when I select up the present day kids craft magazine, i will choose out limitless products from the how to courses and commercials, including:

-Scrapbooking paper
-Grosgrain ribbon
-Double sided tape
-slicing forums
-Replaceable blades for slicing plotters
-Glitter paper
-free glitter
-Paper slicing dies
and so forth!

Wrap Up… 
With my years of experience and naturally creative mind, it has become easy!

And you could do the same – simply begin looking around! appearance in your private home, on the road, in a bar or eating place, at school, the health club, your administrative center. anywhere you cross you notice masses of different merchandise that might probably be exact sellers on eBay.

however I take into account that this isn’t an clean project for all people. In fact, after running with extra than 300 clients in my non-public eBay training program, I recognise that the majority can’t even give you only a few ideas for products they could promote
on eBay…

3 Tips To How To Make Money On eBay Even As A Beginner

1. Do your studies

Is there a marketplace for your item? Taking five mins to Google your item and examine its true marketplace price – on eBay AND on a gaggle of different e-commerce web sites – lets you sell it more competitively because you’ll find out whether or not or not there’s a marketplace to your object, you’ll see the right fee, and you’ll figure out the proper seek keywords to put in writing into your listing.

2. Time your list proper and avoid reserve expenses

One reader gave us a very good tip for timing your listing: “Use the 10 day listing starting on a Thursday, that gives you two full weekends of eyeballs. Weekends normally have the highest traffic.”
This equal vendor told us even extra approximately reserve pricing: “ninety nine.999% of the time I in no way use a reserve rate. My goal is to make as a whole lot cash as i will, so I lessen the amount of upfront cash I should pay. I also do this via the usage of a low starting fee of $zero.99. This keeps me aggressive with everyone. i’d rather get little for it than have it sit on my shelf and have it COSTING me cash.”

3. choose what to promote cautiously

The survey respondent who made the most cash off of eBay ($50k+ within the past three hundred and sixty five days) gave us an thrilling tip on what to sell: “find a area of interest market, and go deep (do you have got a hobby – in that case, are you able to sell components for it? If promoting interest elements, make certain your consumer has bought the whole lot vital for a a success undertaking (i.e. provide exquisite consumer svc/support. selling “irregulars/seconds” can be rewarding.”
This changed into also one of the key takeaways from my interview with eBay’s Jim Griffith. hold analyzing for more on this point.

How To Get Your Start Dropshipping On eBay Easily…

Off to an amazing start, until…

Lamentably, the client later wrote to say the blouse had a hollow in it and demanded a reimbursement. I requested for a photograph and, once they wouldn’t produce one, denied their request for his or her money back.

properly, she didn’t like that in any respect and in reality threatened to turn me in to eBay for ripping her off.

I directly refunded her cash, which intended she saved the blouse and the cash. And after that, I wrote off eBay as a ability source for side income altogether.

That being said, i am nonetheless quite intrigued via folks who declare to make money flipping objects on the popular public sale website. Is it truly viable to make more money with eBay? And in that case, is there a trick to it?

How to make money on eBay

Chris, an eBay resale enthusiast and blogger who writes at, has loads to say on this topic. considering launching his facet enterprise in 2013, Chris claims to have earned a regular facet earnings that has multiplied yearly. In 2013, Chris states that he made $1,500 in net profits, observed through just under $5,000 in 2014. Chris had the lofty aim of making $10,000 in income in 2015, however has earned only a little over $4,000 thus far. nevertheless, there are a few months left inside the yr.

The studying curve

once I informed Chris about my unlucky apparel resale scenario, he shrugged it off because the charge you pay to play this sport. In his eyes, you need to be inclined to lose a touch cash in the beginning whilst you learn what’s going to and will now not promote, plus a way to keep away from losses.

And Chris says that mastering is part of the process. In truth, as he waded via his eBay resale hobby, he created guidelines to follow that he believes makes the complete scheme more worthwhile over the years.

Limit Fees When First Starting Up

in step with Chris, the best region to locate objects to resell on eBay is in your home. Doing so, says Chris, places you inside the function wherein you’ve got the cash you need to seek out additional items to promote without pulling out of your personal pocket.